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Datura \ 2018

‘Datura’ is a concept driven artwork created around a fictional medical pill which would 'transform' your life into a complete and content bliss. The concept explores the idea of false reality through the power of advertising. Combining elements of performance art through social media. Discussing topics such as the effect of social media on our

growing generation and how this sugar coated world effects our views on reality

With the important question of; as the online world gets more immersive where do we draw the line. What will be the effects of us growing up in a world of over exaggerated happy lifestyles? This mixed media collaborative artwork was created by Taylor Rianne and Illustrator KLRI through social media, photography, film and performance art to create an ongoing interactive illusion of a live pharmaceuticals company commencing in a final live art exhibition mock product launch. 

Complete with Product, Social Media presence, Website, Live Instagram Representatives, Sponsors and Commercial the 'Datura Future' began to look all too real with members of the public wishing to try and purchase the non existent product. Throughout this project the product was continually 'Sold Out' and no member of public had access to the product. 

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